> > > I used to have this simpler version (back then for the UP case):
> > >
> > > +rwdt_start(wdev);
> > > +rwdt_write(priv, 0xffff, RWTCNT);
> > > +return 0;
> > >
> > > It should still work probably...
> >
> > It should still work, but it would be slower, I would stick with the
> > version I have submitted if you don't mind.
> Actually, I do mind. Because of code duplication reasons. We have a fix
> in the works for rwdt_start() and it would be too easy to overlook the
> same fix will be needed for a restart.

The code is very similar indeed, but not exactly duplicated as it sets the 
registers in order to reset
the system as quickly as possible.
But since you have strong feelings about this I'll reuse this other version for 
the next submission.


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