On 02/13/2018 10:52 AM, Simon Horman wrote:

>>>>> Here's the set of 3 patches against Simon Horman's 'renesas.git' repo's
>>>>> 'renesas-devel-20171110-v4.14-rc8' tag.  We're adding the R8A77970 PFC 
>>>>> node
>>>>> and then describing the pins for SCIF0 and EtherAVB devices declared 
>>>>> earlier.
>>>>> These patches depend on the R8A77970 PFC suport in order to work properly.
>>>>> [1/3] arm64: dts: renesas: r8a77970: add PFC support
>>>>> [2/3] arm64: dts: renesas: eagle: add SCIF0 pins
>>>>> [3/3] arm64: dts: renesas: eagle: add EtherAVB pins
>>>> Hi Sergei,
>>>> I have marked these patches as deferred pending acceptance of the PFC
>>>> driver. Please repost or otherwise ping me once that dependency has been
>>>> accepted.
>>> Has the dependency blocking this series been resolved yet ?
>>    Now it is, except for the 3rd patch... Simon, do I need to repost the 
>> first two?
>> The 1st one did apply to 4.16-rc1 here with a fuzz...
> Thanks for bringing this to my attention.  No need to repost. I've applied
> all three patches and plan to push later today.

   My mentioning of the patch #3 wasn't just random: that patch shouldn't have 
merged since the EtherAVB pin groups were dropped by Geert while merging the 
PFC code. Now Eagle can't mount NFS root.

MBR, Sergei

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