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>> +     chosen {
>> +             bootargs = "ignore_loglevel rw root=/dev/nfs ip=dhcp";
>> +             stdout-path = "serial0:38400n8";
> Hmm, that would be our first board to not have 115200, or? We already
> have some other boards upstream where UBoot has 38400 and Linux 115200.
> I'd prefer consistency here a little, but no strong opinion and asking
> for other opinions.

The other R-Car Gen2 boards use 115200 bps for U-Boot and Linux, but some
other value (38400?) for the SPI loader that loads U-Boot.

What about U-Boot commit f40574e2d78c96a3 ("Kconfig: Migrate CONFIG_BAUDRATE"),
which says all R-Car Gen2 boards use 38400, before and after?



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