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> On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 04:11:57PM +0100, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
>> On Renesas R-Car Gen2 SoCs, the pin group for the MDIO bus is named
>> "mdio".
>> When initial support was added for R-Car H3, the MDIO pin was forgotten,
>> and the MDC pin got its own group named "mdc".  During the addition of
>> support for R-Car M3-W, this mistake was noticed.  But as R-Car H3 and
>> M3-W are pin compatible, and can be mounted on the same boards, the
>> decision was made to just add the MDIO pin to the existing "mdc" group.
>> Later this was extended to R-Car H3 ES2.0, and M3-N, because of pin
>> compatibility, and to R-Car D3, in the name of consistency among R-Car
>> Gen3 SoCs.
>> However, this decision keeps on being questioned when adding new SoC
>> support.  Hence bite the bullet and admit our mistake, and rename the
>> pin group from "mdc" to "mdio", like on R-Car Gen2 SoCs.
>> This series is the DTS part, and depends on the series '[PATCH 0/6]
>> pinctrl: sh-pfc: rcar-gen3: Rename EtherAVB "mdc" pin group to "mdio"'.
> could you comment on the forwards/backwards compatibility considerations
> of this series?

Old and new kernels work with old DT (tested on Salvator-X(S).
New DT requires a new kernel, hence the dependency of the DTS part on the
driver part.



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