Here's a set of 5 patches against the 'pci/rcar' branch of Lorenzo Pieralisi's
'pci.git' repo. These are the changes needed for better R-Car gen3 support
(namely for R8A77980 support) plus some PCIe driver re-factoring done in
the process...

[1/5] pcie-rcar: poll PHYRDY in rcar_pcie_hw_init()
[2/5] pcie-rcar: remove PHYRDY polling from rcar_pcie_hw_init_h1()
[3/5] pcie-rcar: add R-Car gen3 PHY support
[4/5] pcie-rcar: factor out rcar_pcie_hw_init() call
[5/5] DT: pci: rcar-pci: document R8A77980 bindings

MBR, Sergei

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