Hi Geert,

On Thursday, July 12, 2018, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
> As the IP cores are the same in all variants, using
> "renesas,r7s9210-<something>" should be fine for matching drivers to IP
> cores. Same for CONFIG_ARCH_R7S9210.
> However, as the actual dies differ between H, M, and L versions, there may
> be integration issues to be worked around. So I think it would be wise to
> use one more digit in the compatible value at the main SoC level, i.e.
> "renesas,r7s92104".
> Unless there's a hardware register to detect the version at runtime.
> But it seems RZ/A2 doesn't have a Product Register
> (PRR), which most other SH/R-Mobile and R-Car SoCs do have?

There is supposed to be one. I specifically asked for it (and remember 
reviewing it).
But, now I'm not seeing it in the latest version of the manual.

Let me find out where it is.


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