> > > > +       wait_for_completion_interruptible(&priv->scl_irq_completion);
> > >
> > > Error checking/propagation (-ERESTARTSYS)?
> >
> > Are you sure? ERESTARTSYS belongs to the "These should never be seen by
> > user programs." group.
> How else can you inform the user the operation has been interrupted?

Definately not by using something which is marked "should never be seen
by user programs" :)

In the worst case, I'll add:
        if (ret) ret = -EINTR;

I tested the current code with CTRL+C, there we get EOWNERDEAD back to
userspace, even with my code not propagating anything. With sending
SIGKILL, I got 143 which is not defined. I want to double check the
latter first, might be my tests were flaky...

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