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> According to user reference manual for R-CAR H3 and M3-W SoCs,
> in order to access busif4 ~ busif7, extended audio dmac registers
> need to be used, rather than basic audio dmac registers
> This patch set updates H3 (= r8a7795) and M3-W (= r8a7796)
> to use extended audio dmac registers

The same change should be applied for M3-N and RZ/G2M, right?

R-Car E3 and RZ/G2E already use the extended register set, as they do not
have the basic set.

For SoCs having both, this feels a bit like describing software policy, instead
of hardware, to me. Would it make sense to extend the audio bindings, and
allow describing both the basic and extended register sets, and let the driver
make the decision which one to use?




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