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> > Latest information from hardware engineers reveals that H3 ES2 and ES3
> > of behaves differently when working with link speeds bellow 250 Mpbs.
> > Add a SoC match for H3 ES2.* and use the correct startup sequence.
> It would be helpful to explain how they behave differently. My guess is that 
> the extra steps "Set the PHTW to H′0139 0105." and "Set the PHTW to the 
> appropriate values for the HS reception frequency." from the flowchart 
> can/must be omitted on ES2+, but I think it would be better if that were 
> stated explicitly somewhere.

I wish I could add a more descriptive message on how they changed and 
why. All I have are the register values in a flow chart. As you point 
out one can describe how the raw values are different, but that is all 
in the code. What I really would like to add is why :-)

> With that fixed:
> Reviewed-by: Ulrich Hecht <uli+rene...@fpond.eu>
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