On 2019-03-15 22:08, Wolfram Sang wrote:
>>> I personally really dislike the proposed name. It is akin to the abomination
>>> where some sort of abbreviation of the types of variables are included also
>>> in the variable names. It's useless clutter, at least to me.
>> I hate to be jumping in with just a 'me-too' - but I also had a similar
>> disliking to the _errptr suffix on the function name here.
> As I said to Peter, I am not exactly happy with the naming. I just
> couldn't come up with something better. I am totally open for
> suggestions here. Let's give ourselves a few days. Maybe inspiration
> will hit one of us somehow somewhen.

I can't seem to find what you said to me anywhere, it's not in my inbox and
I don't see any (other) reply from you on patchwork for this patch either.

Perhaps a resend is in order?


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