This is the latter half of my iommu work to make the IOMMUs respect
LLDs restrictions.

IOMMUs allocate memory areas without considering a low level driver's
segment boundary limits. So we have some workarounds: splitting sg
segments again in LLDs; reserving all I/O space spanning 4GB boundary
in IOMMUs (with assumption that all the LLDs have 4GB boundary
restrictions). The goal is killing all the workarounds.

This patchset adds new accessors for segment_boundary_mask in
device_dma_parameters structure in the same way as the first half of
my work did for max_segment_size.

Currently, I fixed only swiotlb. Next, I'll generalize swiotlb's free
area management and convert all the IOMMUs to use it. Or I'll
generalize a free area management to use bitmap that most of the
IOMMUs use and convert them to use it.

This is against 2.6.24-rc3-mm1.

The first half of my iommu work is:
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