>>>>> "Brian" == Brian King <brk...@linux.vnet.ibm.com> writes:

Brian> If a VFC port gets unmapped in the VIOS, it may not respond with
Brian> a CRQ init complete following H_REG_CRQ. If this occurs, we can
Brian> end up having called scsi_block_requests and not a resulting
Brian> unblock until the init complete happens, which may never occur,
Brian> and we end up hanging I/O requests.  This patch ensures the host
Brian> action stay set to IBMVFC_HOST_ACTION_TGT_DEL so we move all
Brian> rports into devloss state and unblock unless we receive an init
Brian> complete.

Applied to 4.9/scsi-queue.

Martin K. Petersen      Oracle Linux Engineering
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