Various fixes and cleanups for the ibmvscsis driver.
The first is a sort of prequel to the second, which is the primary
change (and the biggest).  The rest are fairly small fixes.

Michael Cyr (6):
  ibmvscsis: Rearrange functions for future patches
  ibmvscsis: Synchronize cmds at tpg_enable_store time
  ibmvscsis: Synchronize cmds at remove time
  ibmvscsis: Clean up properly if target_submit_cmd/tmr fails
  ibmvscsis: Return correct partition name/# to client
  ibmvscsis: Issues from Dan Carpenter/Smatch

 drivers/scsi/ibmvscsi_tgt/ibmvscsi_tgt.c | 1096 +++++++++++++-----------------
 drivers/scsi/ibmvscsi_tgt/ibmvscsi_tgt.h |    5 +-
 2 files changed, 494 insertions(+), 607 deletions(-)


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