>>>>> "Laurence" == Laurence Oberman <lober...@redhat.com> writes:

Laurence> This patch reverts commit
Laurence> 3e22760d4db6fd89e0be46c3d132390a251da9c6.

Laurence> This revert came about because of efforts by Ewan Milne,
Laurence> Curtis Taylor and I.  In researching this issue, significant
Laurence> performance issues were seen on large CPU count systems using
Laurence> the software FCOE stack.  Hannes also weighed in.

Laurence> The same was not apparent on much smaller low count CPU
Laurence> systems.  The behavior introduced by commit
Laurence> 3e22760d4db6fd89e0be46c3d132390a251da9c6 lands sup with large
Laurence> count CPU systems seeing continual blk_requeue_request() calls
Laurence> due to ML_QUEUE_HOST_BUSY.

Applied to 4.10/scsi-queue.

Martin K. Petersen      Oracle Linux Engineering
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