>>>>> "Damien" == Damien Le Moal <damien.lem...@wdc.com> writes:

Damien> Implement ZBC support functions to setup zoned disks, both
Damien> host-managed and host-aware models. Only zoned disks that
Damien> satisfy the following conditions are supported:
Damien> 1) All zones are the same size, with the exception of an
Damien>    eventual last smaller runt zone.
Damien> 2) For host-managed disks, reads are unrestricted (reads are not
Damien>    failed due to zone or write pointer alignement constraints).
Damien> Zoned disks that do not satisfy these 2 conditions are setup
Damien> with a capacity of 0 to prevent their use.

Damien> The function sd_zbc_read_zones, called from sd_revalidate_disk,
Damien> checks that the device satisfies the above two constraints. This
Damien> function may also change the disk capacity previously set by
Damien> sd_read_capacity for devices reporting only the capacity of
Damien> conventional zones at the beginning of the LBA range
Damien> (i.e. devices reporting rc_basis set to 0).

Damien> The capacity message output was moved out of sd_read_capacity
Damien> into a new function sd_print_capacity to include this eventual
Damien> capacity change by sd_zbc_read_zones. This new function also
Damien> includes a call to sd_zbc_print_zones to display the number of
Damien> zones and zone size of the device.

Acked-by: Martin K. Petersen <martin.peter...@oracle.com>

Martin K. Petersen      Oracle Linux Engineering
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