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>> Subject: Re: [PATCH] megaraid_sas: move command counter to correct place
>> Tomas,
>>> the eh reset function returns success when fw_outstanding equals zero,
>>> that means that the counter shouldn't be decremented when the driver
>>> still owns the command
>> Applied to 4.13/scsi-fixes. Thank you!
> Just realized that this patch may cause performance regression.
> With this patch below scenario may occur-
> -Consider outstanding IOs reaches to controller's Queue depth.
> -Driver frees up command and complete it back to SML.
> -Since host_busy is decremented, SML can issue one new  IO to driver.
> -By the time, if "fw_outstanding" is not decremented by driver, then
> driver will return newly submitted IO back to SML with return status
> SCSI_MLQUEUE_HOST_BUSY because of below code
>   in megaraid_sas driver's IO submission path-
>     if (atomic_inc_return(&instance->fw_outstanding) >
>             instance->host->can_queue) {
>         atomic_dec(&instance->fw_outstanding);
>         return SCSI_MLQUEUE_HOST_BUSY;
>     }
> This situation will be more evident when RAID1 fastpath IOs are running as
> in that case driver will be issuing two IOs to firmware for single IO
> issued from SML.
> Above situation can be avoided, if this patch is removed.
> Regarding Tomas' concern, there should not be any problem as driver calls
> "synchronize_irq" before checking "fw_outstanding". Once fw_outstanding is
> decremented and
> driver frees up command, then only driver will be checking
> "fw_outstanding" equals to zero or not so all this will always fall in a
> sequence and will not
> cause the problem stated by Tomas.

I haven't expected this to fix a real issue in latest upstream code,
just wanted to follow the correct ordering.
If it creates a performance issue, reverting the patch is fine for me.

> I am sorry for confusion and would request to revert this patch.
> Thanks,
> Sumit
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