> Releasing a zone write lock only when the write commnand that acquired
> the lock completes can cause deadlocks due to potential command
> reordering if the lock owning request is requeued and not
> executed. This problem exists only with the scsi-mq path as, unlike
> the legacy path, requests are moved out of the dispatch queue before
> being prepared and so before locking a zone for a write command.
> Since sd_uninit_cmnd() is now always called when a request is
> requeued, call sd_zbc_write_unlock_zone() from that function for write
> requests that acquired a zone lock instead of from
> sd_done(). Acquisition of a zone lock by a write command is indicated
> using the new command flag SCMD_ZONE_WRITE_LOCK.

Applied to 4.13/scsi-fixes. Thanks!

Martin K. Petersen      Oracle Linux Engineering

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