The problem was resolved upon upgrading laptop-mode-tools to 1.72.2.


On 12/25/2017 11:29 AM, Alan Stern wrote:
On Sun, 24 Dec 2017, Adam Bennett wrote:


I have a Dell Precision 7520 with an Samsung SSD in addition to an NVMe
drive.  I'm currently running 4.14.8 but have seen the below problem
since I moved from 4.9 to 4.13.

When I boot without AC plugged in, the SSD is stopped almost immediately
in the boot process, not allowing the boot to continue.

I can boot on fine on AC.  When I unplug the cord, I see the "Stopping
disk" message, and the system is unresponsive until I plug the AC back in.

I initially thought the problem was in user-space, but I set up
laptop-mode-tools to keep "control" as "on", and the problem still
persists.  Also, I don't see the issue in 4.9.
It's entirely possible that the problem does lie in userspace, during
boot-up.  Don't forget that your initramfs image could be causing this;
have you tried to rebuild it with the new laptop settings?

I have temporarily worked around the problem by returning from
sd_suspend_runtime without calling sd_suspend_common in sd.c (obviously
not the true fix).

I have tried a number of searches, and couldn't find any bug reports of
this nature, but I'm not that in-tune with the linux development process
to have searched all the correct places.
This should be sent to the linux-pm and linux-scsi mailing lists

I'd like to help track this problem down, do you have any suggestions or
is there some additional details I could provide?
You can try bisecting between the 4.9 and 4.13 kernels to find the
commit which first caused the problem.

Alan Stern

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