Hi Bart
Thanks for your answer.
I looked at SCSI core source codes these days, UFS also follows SCSI core error 
There is already re-issue behavior, and assign 5 retries for each UFS request 
if there is error.

>On 02/12/18 04:21, Bean Huo (beanhuo) wrote
>> I am looking at UFS error handling, but I didn't notice re-issues
>> requests with UTP error to the host controller. According UFS host
>> spec, "host software either completes the request that had the error
>> and requests still outstanding with error to higher level software, or
>> re-issues these requests to the host controller". For the latest Linux
>> UFS driver, it belongs to former one? If I am wrong, please correct
>> me.
>Hello Bean,
>I'm afraid that reissuing a failed write forever could cause an infinite loop 
>makes e.g. user space processes unkillable or that could cause an orderly
>system shutdown to hang. I'm not sure that we want such behavior.
>If you want to learn more about how the SCSI core handles failed writes,
>please have a look at scsi_decide_disposition(). A possible approach to
>modify the error handling behavior is to stack a dm driver on top of the SCSI
>core that implements the desired behavior.

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