Hi all,

this series cleans up various abuses of the bsg interfaces, and then
splits bsg for SCSI passthrough from bsg for arbitrary transport
passthrough.  This removes the scsi_request abuse in bsg-lib that is
very confusing, and also makes sure we can sanity check the requests
we get.  The current code will happily execute scsi commands against
bsg-lib queues, and transport pass through against scsi nodes, without
any indication to the driver that we are doing the wrong thing.

Changes since V1:
 - dropped various patches merged already
 - use job to get the payload length in bsg_transport_complete_rq
 - renamed the ptr64 macro to uptr64
 - make bsg_scsi_complete_rq and bsg_transport_complete_rq look more
 - trivial cleanup in bsg_map_hdr

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