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> Subject: aacraid code passes GFP_DMA32 to kmalloc this will not work
> Hi All,
> Since I made the same mistake myself I've done a quick grep for
> GFP_DMA32 in the kernel and drivers/scsi/aacraid/commctrl.c came up as a
> result of this grep, it does:
>                                  p = kmalloc(sg_count[i], 
> But kmalloc always returns memory from the normal memory-zone, if you need
> memory from a specific memory-zone like the
> DMA32 zone, you must use the dma allocation functions (which from a quick
> glance at the code seems appropriate here) or directly call alloc_page or
> __get_free_page.

Hi Hans,

I did run into this issue myself recently ... Thanks for a reminder to send in 
a patch to
correct this.

> Regards,
> Hans

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