On 05/04/18 19:49, Martin K. Petersen wrote:
> Bart,
>> A recent change in the SCSI core caused certain request failures no
>> longer to be reported to user space. Damien noticed this by sending a
>> write request that is not aligned to the write pointer to an SMR drive
>> from user space. Such non-aligned write requests are failed by the
>> drive and such failures should be reported to user space. This patch
>> series makes sure that all SCSI request failures are again reported to
>> user space. This patch series also makes the SCSI core recognize
>> status codes like CONDITION MET as not being an error.  Please
>> consider at least the first patch in this series for the rc stage of
>> kernel v4.17.
> Looks good to me.
> Longer term I'd really like to see the command result integer
> host/driver/msg/status stuff cleaned up. It's super arcane and the
> associated naming schemes make it a very error-prone interface.

I did start a series [1] for this but than got distracted by more urgent
things. I can pick it up again I think.


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