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> Jinpu,
> [CC:ed the mpt3sas maintainers]
> The ratelimit patch is just an attempt to treat the symptom, not the
> cause.
Agree. If we can fix the root cause, it will be great.
>> Thanks for asking, we updated mpt3sas driver which enables DIX support
>> (prot_mask=0x7f), all disks are SATA SSDs, no DIF support.
>> After reboot, kernel reports the IO errors from all the drives behind
>> HBA, seems for almost every read IO, which turns the system unusable:
>> [   13.079375] sda: ref tag error at location 0 (rcvd 143196159)
>> [   13.079989] sda: ref tag error at location 937702912 (rcvd 143196159)
>> [   13.080233] sda: ref tag error at location 937703072 (rcvd 143196159)
>> [   13.080407] sda: ref tag error at location 0 (rcvd 143196159)
>> [   13.080594] sda: ref tag error at location 8 (rcvd 143196159)
> That sounds like a bug in the mpt3sas driver or firmware. I guess the
> HBA could conceivably be operating a SATA device as DIX Type 0 and strip
> the PI on the drive side. But that doesn't seem to be a particularly
> useful mode of operation.
> Jinpu: Which firmware are you running? Also, please send us the output
> of:
>         sg_readcap -l /dev/sda
>         sg_inq -x /dev/sda
>         sg_vpd /dev/sda
Disks are INTEL SSDSC2BX48, directly attached to HBA.
LSISAS3008: FWVersion(, ChipRevision(0x02), BiosVersion(
mpt3sas_cm2: Protocol=(Initiator,Target),
Capabilities=(TLR,EEDP,Snapshot Buffer,Diag Trace Buffer,Task Set

jwang@x:~$ sudo sg_vpd /dev/sdz
Supported VPD pages VPD page:
  Supported VPD pages [sv]
  Unit serial number [sn]
  Device identification [di]
  Mode page policy [mpp]
  ATA information (SAT) [ai]
  Block limits (SBC) [bl]
  Block device characteristics (SBC) [bdc]
  Logical block provisioning (SBC) [lbpv]
jwang@x:~$ sudo sg_inq -x /dev/sdz
VPD INQUIRY: extended INQUIRY data page
    inquiry: field in cdb illegal (page not supported)
jwang@x:~$ sudo sg_readcap -l /dev/sdz
Read Capacity results:
   Protection: prot_en=0, p_type=0, p_i_exponent=0
   Logical block provisioning: lbpme=1, lbprz=1
   Last logical block address=937703087 (0x37e436af), Number of
logical blocks=937703088
   Logical block length=512 bytes
   Logical blocks per physical block exponent=3 [so physical block
length=4096 bytes]
   Lowest aligned logical block address=0
   Device size: 480103981056 bytes, 457862.8 MiB, 480.10 GB

> Broadcom: How is DIX supposed to work for SATA drives behind an mpt3sas
> controller?
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