>>> This patch is not acceptable because it adds support for tag tracing
>>> to the legacy block layer only. Any patch that adds a new feature to
>>> the legacy block layer must also add it to blk-mq.
>> To be honest, I don't understand your point, can you give me more
>The legacy block layer will be removed as soon as blk-mq provides all the
>functionality of the legacy block layer and as soon as it performs at least as
>well as the legacy block layer for all use cases. If new features are added to
>the legacy block layer but not to blk-mq that prevents removal of the legacy
>block layer. Hence the requirement I explained in my previous e-mail.

Thanks for your information.
I have several questions again.
When the legacy block layer will be replaced by blk-mq? 
And "include/trece/event/block.h .. scsi.h" will also be changed? 
Do you have the related git rep or mail list about this topic?
Maybe this is great big change, I am very interested in that. And want to have 
a look at.

By the way, these patches are not to add new feature, they are just to add 
print tag along with the other exist
Printed request parameters.  The blk-mq is now still using 
"include/trace/evet/block.h" defined trace events.

For example: 
void blk_mq_start_request(struct request *rq)  
trace_block_rq_issue(q, rq);
Do you mean that this will also be removed/replaced by someone else?

Bean Huo

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