Hi Daniel,

On 09/19/2016 06:21 PM, Daniel Mentz wrote:
> I confirmed that the .eh_frame section is present and that the
> .debug_frame section is absent. I also verified that the file size of
> the .ko files are small enough for our embedded platform and that
> unnecessary sections like .debug_info, .debug_line, .debug_str etc.
> are also absent.

BTW it seems with my latest set of patches, modules still have .debug_*.
Can you double check if your tree still has the interim patch which added a 
script for modules to strip out .debug_*


I'm not planning to carry it and would prefer addressing the the root cause by
removing the -gdwarf-2 toggle. I've added that and pushed rebased series. Care 
take it for a respin please.


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