On Mon, Mar 13, 2017 at 7:07 PM, Till Smejkal
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> On Mon, 13 Mar 2017, Andy Lutomirski wrote:
>> This sounds rather complicated.  Getting TLB flushing right seems
>> tricky.  Why not just map the same thing into multiple mms?
> This is exactly what happens at the end. The memory region that is described 
> by the
> VAS segment will be mapped in the ASes that use the segment.

So why is this kernel feature better than just doing MAP_SHARED
manually in userspace?

>> Ick.  Please don't do this.  Can we please keep an mm as just an mm
>> and not make it look magically different depending on which process
>> maps it?  If you need a trampoline (which you do, of course), just
>> write a trampoline in regular user code and map it manually.
> Did I understand you correctly that you are proposing that the switching 
> thread
> should make sure by itself that its code, stack, … memory regions are 
> properly setup
> in the new AS before/after switching into it? I think, this would make using 
> first
> class virtual address spaces much more difficult for user applications to the 
> extend
> that I am not even sure if they can be used at all. At the moment, switching 
> into a
> VAS is a very simple operation for an application because the kernel will 
> just simply
> do the right thing.

Yes.  I think that having the same mm_struct look different from
different tasks is problematic.  Getting it right in the arch code is
going to be nasty.  The heuristics of what to share are also tough --
why would text + data + stack or whatever you're doing be adequate?
What if you're in a thread?  What if two tasks have their stacks in
the same place?

I could imagine something like a sigaltstack() mode that lets you set
a signal up to also switch mm could be useful.

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