Looking under arch/arc, I see the current way is to add a plat-[socname] for each new SoC. However, it seems that plat-sim, and plat-tb10x are just place-holders for the compatible bindings.

I was going to do the same for plat-anarion, which required an early boot workaround. However, with Alexey's INTC patch, this workaround is no longer required, so plat-anarion would become just another stub.

I don't like the idea of adding dead code whenever a new platform arrives. My thought is to merge these into a plat-generic, and add the following two compatible bindings:
* "snps,arccompact-generic"
* "snps,arcv2-generic"
Keep the existing bindings for compatibility reasons, but require all new platforms that don't need boot stubs to use one of the generic .compatible bindings. Do you agree with the plan?


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