Hi Helmut,

On 2/20/20 8:27 AM, Helmut Grohne wrote:
> Since I saw arc in the subject, I also threw arc at rebootstrap. Turns
> out that glibc 2.30 does not yet cover arc and using unpackaged versions
> of glibc is non-trivial for rebootstrap, so I cannot do much about that.
> Once arc support is in a released version of glibc, I'd be happy to be
> pinged about it.

ARC glibc is still in works, but assuming that will happen in near future what
other upstream prerequisites are needed. The obvious ones would be Linux kernel,
gcc, binutils: all 3 of which are supported for ARC. From a quick glance at 
wiki pages, I presume *bootstrap is mostly done native, so needs qemu ? 
emulation ? And does qemu need to be upstream too ?


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