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On 5/27/21 8:50 PM, Guillem Jover wrote:
> I discussed this today with Vineet on IRC in #debian-bootstrap, to try
> to clarify some things, and this is the summary I think:
> * ARCv2 32-bit little-endian
>    - The arch based on ARCv2 32-bit is going to be little-endian, and
>      ideally will be hard-float, but that's pending on a patch for gcc,
>      to flip the default from soft-float. From what I understand while
>      hard and soft-float are ABI compatible in the ISA and calling
>      convention sense, they are not ABI compatible in the object
>      linking sense, and while I guess this could also perhaps be lifted,
>      it's not currently the case. My concern is that adding the support
>      before the default has been switched might mean "ABI incompatible"
>      architectures if we cannot link objects. Vineet, mentioned that
>      they might be fine settling with soft-float in that case, even
>      with the performance penalty implied (in that case, personally I
>      think adding the -gnuhf triplet would be better, but I'd not be
>      going to be doing the work, so… :). The patch is supposed to be
>      sent upstream around next week or so. I'd prefer to wait what
>      ends up happening there, TBH, before committing the support to
>      dpkg. As I've mentioned I'm fine with committing it once it hits
>      upstream git though.
>    - The triplet would be «arc-linux-gnu», the Debian architecture
>      would be «arc».

FWIW gcc patch is now in mainline (I've requested Claudiu for backport)

2021-06-02 46d04271a498 ARC: gcc driver default to hs38_linux


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