Hi Ivan,
did you find any solutions in meantime, because I have the same problem 
with Allwinner A20 pack/unpack tools.

Best regards,
Dragan Gregurec

Dana ńćetvrtak, 3. rujna 2015. u 11:01:10 UTC+2, korisnik Ivan Kozic napisao 
> Hi all,
> It seems that no one really cares about AW pack tools enough to document 
> at least a part of it. By Allwinner pack tools I mean various Linux/Windows 
> proprietary SW coming from AW, like "dragon", "update_mbr", "update_23" etc.
> Since I'm on a good way to figure a part of this out, I'd like to add it 
> to the linux-sunxi.org if possible, so that everyone can use it, and not 
> lose days and days finding various SDKs and BSPs only to figure that half 
> of it is not working...
> Actually the biggest problem is that none of this is documented and these 
> programs usually do not give you any version or help. And there are at 
> least 5 different "dragon" versions I've tried - some of them work with 
> image.cfg + sys_partition.fex, while some of them only seem to use more 
> advanced image.cfg format and not really needing sys_partition.fex. I've 
> also noticed that there are different versions of update_mbr for A10 and 
> A20 - one seems to only put softw311 marker, while the other one works with 
> softw411 marker. Also some of them can pack by only following symbolic 
> links to rootfs, while others actually need rootfs.fex in the same folder. 
> Mixes in SDKs can include anything - I've found combos like 'new dragon + 
> old update_mbr', which mess up always and produce unreadable images... 
> sunxi-bsp set of tools on the other hand looks very broken to me, as there 
> is no A20 support per say - there are script files for A20 boards, but 
> allwinner-tools used by sunxi-bsp only produce images suited for A10 
> (softw311) and maybe A13 (these are the only two in the eFex configuration 
> files)...
> I would also like to point out that most info regarding MBR structure is 
> now well known (for A20 - boot1 source code contains wboot_mbr.h header 
> which has the packed MBR layout), so I think update_mbr can already be 
> deprecated and changed to a better suited open-source version. If I had any 
> +time,  I'd happily write this out and try it...
> As I said, wiki pages on linux-sunxi are just making things worse by not 
> really explaining any of this and yet somehow making everything even more 
> complicated (just look at Software section under 
> http://linux-sunxi.org/LiveSuit_images - I have no idea what is the point 
> of that section).
> So I'd just like to know how I can (or if I may in fact) change/append to 
> linux-sunxi.org?
> Cheers!

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