Am 17.10.2016 um 10:21 schrieb LABBE Corentin:

An user reported on IRC that he get two OrangePi PC with the same MAC address 
with uboot 2016.05 and sun8i-emac v4.
Giving the following MAC address 02:20:08:00:00:00

He dumped the two SID using devmem2:
  2004620 34344314 503A04CE 8000000
  2004620 34344314 503B0C0E 8000000

According to board/sunxi/board.c, the MAC address is generated from sid[0] and 
According to, it seems that only 
sid[2] is always different.
So probably the MAC address generation should be modified.

It is strange that the board didnt get the CRC32 of sid[3], but the problem 
would remain the same.

Corentin Labbe

U-Boot v2016.05 doesn't yet contain the change that improved on MAC generation by using the CRC32 of all SIDs. The corresponding;a=commit;h=3f8ea3b0 only made it into v2016.09 and later.

Regards, B. Nortmann

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