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> Hi, thanks for answering.
> 17 Nisan 2017 Pazartesi 11:09:56 UTC+3 tarihinde Maxime Ripard yazd─▒:
> >
> > > I'm trying to get I2S output on Allwinner R8 (actually an NTC GR8). 
> >
> > Soo, not an R8 ? :) 
> I thought it was more appropriate to say R8 since GR8 is based on
> it. Sorry about the confusion that I inadvertently created. I'm
> using GR8 on a Chip Pro board.

It's not really based on it. It's the same silicon, in a different
package with a different routing. The A13 / R8, A10s and GR8 all share
the same silicon, but are routed differently so they don't have the
same features.

The GR8 for example is the only one with SPDIF, and the A10s the only
one with HDMI.

> > Could you paste somewhere your overlay, and tell how you apply it?
> Sure, I've made available all the files 
> at https://github.com/hazarkarabay/gr8-i2s
> I'm using: 
> 4.4.30 kernel 
> from https://github.com/NextThingCo/CHIP-linux/tree/nextthing/4.4/chip
> Compiled with defconfig + CONFIG_OF_CONFIGFS (for enabling overlay support)
> Files mentioned below are relative to my git repository.
> - ntc-gr8-crumb-modded.dts as my device tree, defined at kernel compile 
> time 
> (original device tree has an error related I2S MCLK pin and I can't 
> override it from an overlay - my overlay files has related lines for it but 
> not worked until I compile a kernel with fixed device tree)
> - pcm1798.c as my simple-audio-card based driver.
> - overlays/i2s-normal.dtbo used as device tree overlay (source available as 
> overlays/i2s-normal.dts)

That one doesn't have the property to invert MCLK though?


Maxime Ripard, Free Electrons
Embedded Linux and Kernel engineering

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