I've had some trouble getting a webcam microphone to work because both CONFIG_USB_AUDIO in USB drivers and CONFIG_SND_USB_AUDIO in ALSA drivers were enabled, and they were not playing nice with each other. It's not clear from the description that CONFIG_USB_AUDIO is only needed for OSS sound, so I propose this little addition to the description to avoid confusion.

(Warning: patch is against 2.6.8 stable release.)
diff -urs kernel-source-2.6.8/drivers/usb/class/Kconfig 
--- kernel-source-2.6.8/drivers/usb/class/Kconfig       2004-08-27 16:37:05.000000000 
+++ kernel-source-2.6.8-wvh/drivers/usb/class/Kconfig   2004-08-27 16:45:25.000000000 
@@ -9,7 +9,8 @@
        depends on USB && SOUND
          Say Y here if you want to connect USB audio equipment such as
-         speakers to your computer's USB port.
+         speakers to your computer's USB port. You only need this if you use
+         the OSS sound driver; ALSA has it's own option for usb audio support.
          To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the
          module will be called audio.

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