Alan Stern wrote:
On Wed, 13 Oct 2004, Phil Dibowitz wrote:

Alan Stern wrote:

        There is a #undef near the start of the source file which can
        be changed to #define to enable use of the old initialization
        scheme.  If the symbol is not defined then most of the old code
        will be optimized away by the compiler.

Shouldn't this be a boot parameter, or something similar? Having to modify and recompile your kernel is a bit much for most end users...

With a little luck no one will have to do it. The #undef was intended mainly for use by developers and testers, anyway.

There can be endless discussions about whether a feature should be controlled by a configuration option, a boot parameter, a module parameter, a compile-time switch, a source-code change, or a patch. I chose to make this a simple source-code change.

Agreed. I didn't intend to start a debate about it. The reason I said something was that your email seemed to imply there _would_ be a subset of people who would get problems. If we don't suspect that to be the case, then nevermind. =)

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