On Mon, 14 Nov 2005, Aras Vaichas wrote:

> I think they meant raw = "bit errors", net = "data did not arrive at all" 
> (within some timeout period). Bit errors would be reported "somewhere" and 
> other errors would be handle by my test application at the highest level.
> The test department want to be able to zap the USB cable/plugs/sockets with a 
> high voltage surge and then be able to see how the "system" copes with 
> electrical discharges in the form of error statistics. These statistics then 
> form the test results for the ESD immunity documentation. Something like that.

"Bit errors" (actually packet or protocol errors) are not currently
recorded anywhere, although they could be.

Net errors would have to be determined by your test program, not by the 

> Too true. I prefer to report that the data was either a) sent, b) not sent 
> within a certain time. Much easier to perform from a shell script.
> Thank you for the thorough answers. It has helped greatly.

You're welcome.

Alan Stern

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