Christoph, Alan,

> If it is allocating / freeing this memory all the time in the hot path
> it should really use a dma pool (see include/ilinux/dmapool.h).
> The dma coherent APIs aren't really built for being called in the
> hot path.

hcd_buffer_free uses a combination of dma pools and dma coherent APIs:

        for (i = 0; i < HCD_BUFFER_POOLS; i++) {
                if (size <= pool_max[i]) {
                        dma_pool_free(hcd->pool[i], addr, dma);
        dma_free_coherent(hcd->self.sysdev, size, addr, dma);

Alan, can dma_free_coherent be delayed to a point when IRQs are enabled?

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