Am Montag, den 12.03.2018, 12:09 +0530 schrieb Tushar Nimkar:
> Hi,
> Can u please help me  in getting UAS spec.?
> I have "UASP Revision 1.0" but which is very old.
> Want to understand what this "uas-tags"/ "initiator transfer tags" mean.
> For only one case transfer (Command IU) it is 0x0002 rest case it is 0x0001
> Please provide any link so that I can download spec.
> Any help on "tags" is welcome.


UAS in contrast to usb-storage can operate multiple SCSI commands
at the same time. Therefore the host and the device must have
a way to identify commands so that status and error reports can
be attributed to the correct command.
The way to do that is the tag, which is basically just a number
the host assigns to a command. The range of tags you use
is determined by the number of streams that are supported, so that
each tag can be linked to a stream, meaning that data transfers
are independent of each other.


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