Hey guys,

I've been banging my head against the wall for a couple of days trying to get a Raspberry Pi 0W to talk to Windows (8.1/10) as an XInput game controller using ConfigFS and FunctionFS, having little success. I've tried to build both a generic XInput device and one that attempts to emulate an X360 controller. The X360 controller seems to get "further", in that Windows says it recognizes the device and the drivers are working. Whatever that means. The generic version just shows up as an unrecognized device (with the name I've given it). Neither are getting or able to send any data from/to their respective endpoints. The X360 version, I tested locally via loopback/dummy UDC, and the xboxdrv driver can detect and read controller state messages/reports I send it, so at least that much works. Not sure what I could possibly be missing.

I can say I've successfully created HID USB game controller devices. Those are accessible from Windows, but, unfortunately, many Windows games don't support HID particularly well, and I'm trying to avoid someone having to use something like XOutput as a workaround to get this device to work.

I do have Wireshark with USBPCap installed, so I can at least capture some of the data, which I did, but it wasn't really leading me anywhere, possibly due to my lack of knowledge in this particular subject. Unfortunately, I didn't save my pcap results. I'll likely end up doing it again once I've given my head some time to heal.

Any insights? References? Something you think could help guide me in the right direction? There's plenty of documentation and example implementations out there for HID devices, but not so much for XInput devices and functionfs in general, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Linux raspberrypi 4.14.33+ #1 Sat Apr 14 01:03:28 CDT 2018 armv6l GNU/Linux (recompiled Raspbian, because it didn't originally come with usb_f_fs.)


Dan Hefti
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