On 12-06-18 08:27, Masahiro Yamada wrote:
Hi Hans,

2018-06-08 5:57 GMT+09:00 Hans de Goede <hdego...@redhat.com>:
Hi All,

While testing usb-next on some Intle Bay and Cherry Trail
devices I noticed the following new error in my logs:

[   26.187958] dwc3 dwc3.3.auto: Failed to get clk 'ref': -2

This is caused by the new clk_bulk_get() call in

If I understand the commit message correctly this is
intended to replace (for newer boards / SoCs) the
clk handling in dwc3-of-simple.c and this seems to
be a devicetree specific patch in general.

Now things still work because the new clk code accepts
clk_bulk_get() failing and then effectively disables

Maybe we should wrap the clk_bulk_get() in an
if (device->of_node) conditional to stop this error
from getting logged on non DT platforms?

Or, maybe drop the error logging from clk_bulk_get() ?

Yes, but that would require all callers to do their
own error logging. There seems to be a pattern in the
kernel where functions like clk_bulk_get (any function
which is expected to normally succeed) do the error
logging themselves so that callers don't have to do this.

Note in the mean time I've prepared a patch making the
clk_bulk_get() call on dev->of_node. If we are in agreement
that that is best fix then I will post it.


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