Roger Quadros <rog...@ti.com> writes:
>> The sysfs file we expose from the class for the role switches is
>> primarily meant for supporting proprietary protocols that require us
>> to basically override the connector USB data role. The default role
>> should always be selected in the drivers.
> OK. Let's take this example
> - Port is dual-role port micro AB.
> - microAB to type-A adapter is connected which pulls ID low. port transitions
> to "host" role by the controller driver.
> - proprietary protocol want to switch role to device role so writes "device" 
> to
> mode switch sysfs. port transitions to "device" role.
> Now, how does controller driver know to fall back to HW based role switching?

Use a 'disconnect' or 'suspend' event to go reset it? But that should,
probably, be done at kernel space, no?


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