On 12.8.2019 11.19, Oliver Neukum wrote:
Am Montag, den 12.08.2019, 15:24 +0800 schrieb Rick Tseng:
From: Rick <rts...@nvidia.com>

NVIDIA 3.1 xHCI card would lose power when moving power state into D3Cold.
Thus we need to wait CNR bit to clear when xhci resmue as xhci init.

Should any controller have CNR set? Why is this specific to a vendor?

Good point, always checking CNR in resume sounds like a good idea.

And use xhci_handshake() as Felipe pointed out, just like in xhci_reset():

ret = xhci_handshake(&xhci->op_regs->status, STS_CNR, 0, 10 * 1000 * 1000);

Rick, would you like to write a patch for this?


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