> $srctree is defined by kbuild in the toplevel Makefile.

How is this variable passed to the file “scripts/nsdeps”?

>> * Would you like to support a separate build directory for desired 
>> adjustments?
> No, as the purpose of this script is to directly patch the kernel
> sources where applicable.

Will there occasionally be a need to provide a generated patch
(without in-place file modification)?

>> I suggest to assign the name for the temporary file to a variable
>> which should be used by subsequent commands.
> I somehow don't agree that this is an improvement to the code as the
> variable would likely be something like ${source_file_tmp}.

Would you dare to choose a shorter variable name?

> ${source_file}.tmp does express the intent of a temporary file next to
> the original source file and the reader of the code does not need to
> reason about the value of ${source_file_tmp}.

I would find a code variant with less suffix repetition nicer.


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