Not specific to a kernel version as I've been seeing the bug since
kernel 4.8. When connecting a macbookpro 14,1 to a USB dock (from
Pluggable) with Ethernet, USB and Audio via provided (Pluggable) USB-C
cable, Ethernet port is not always recognized with provided dmesg.

Strange because when connecting to the dock with an Apple USB-C cable,
ethernet port is always recognized, however with a different  name
`enp0s20f0u8u3`. With Pluggable USB-C cable I tried to power cycle the
dock and `sudo lsusb -c` to no avail. Ethernet port was not recognized
I recently upgraded to kernel 5.2.14, turned off/on the dock, and ran
`sudo lsusb -v`, Ethernet port magically appeared (with Pluggable USB-C 
cable) however with `enp0s20f0u8u3` name and not `enp7s0u2u3` as
before. There seem to have some instability when setting USB connection
at some point.

Back after a few weeks, just after power failure, ethernet port is not
recognized anymore. running kernel 5.3.5 now. sudo lsusb -v now does
not do any magic. ethernet port stay unrecognized and dmesg shows 'usb
4-2-port3: Cannot enable. Maybe the USB cable is bad?'..



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