* Andreas Kemnade <andr...@kemnade.info> [160918 23:00]:
> On Sun, 18 Sep 2016 08:19:02 -0700
> Tony Lindgren <t...@atomide.com> wrote:
> > * Laurent Pinchart <laurent.pinch...@ideasonboard.com> [160918 05:13]:
> > > 
> > > FYI, while this patch allows me to boot my Panda board with NFS
> > > over usbnet, it only works with cold boots. A warm reboot results
> > > in the following warning, and no ethernet traffic going through.
> > > The USB device is detected by the host though.
> > 
> > Yeah I noticed too that we still have issues. For example doing rmmod
> > of omap2430 with gadget configured and connected will produce a
> > hardirq-safe hardirq-unsafe lock order error. That also happens with
> > reboot with gadget configured and connected.
> > 
> hmm, well, there is a musb_platform_disable() in musb_remove() which is
> simply superfluous...
> Some days ago we had a locking problem with musb_start() and moved
> it out of the locked area. Maybe we could do also something similar
> here.

Well I don't think we can do that safely at this point because we
have unpaired calls to musb_start() and musb_stop(). So trying to
make musb_platform_enable/disable() paired right now will just lead
into mystery breakage in various use cases.

> > So I think the only sane thing to do at this point is to revert the
> > changes trying to enable/disable USB PHY from
> > omap2430_musb_enable/disable. The other fixes are OK too as they get
> > us a bit closer to making the platform glue calls balanced.
> >
> or to balance it there (in a better way as done by my first patch).

We can't do that until we have musb_start() and musb_stop() paired :)


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