On 2016-09-15 01:03, Aidan Thornton wrote:


greg k-h

It looks like someone by the name of Grigori Goronzy (CCed) had a
patch series or four attempting to do this that just never went
anywhere like all the other attempts. Might be worth someone talking
to him or looking at his patches. Seriously, this is... I was
considering trying to get parity support merged so I don't have to
keep patching it in, but it feels like a total waste of effort at this
point after seeing all the other attempts.

Hi everyone,

sorry for not following up on the patches. There were some odd compatibility issues reported by one user and then I got busy with other things, so this got sidetracked. But just a few days ago the lack of working parity annoyed me again. STM32 bootloaders need parity. I'll take a look at your revised patches, Aidan. Maybe we can finally get this done.

About the compatibility issues, I never managed to reproduce them and I concluded in the end that it might be something unrelated.

The person that reported compatibility issues with the patch series was Eddi De Pieri <e...@depieri.net>.

Best regards
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