As an update on information! It happens with my mouse too, very seldom, but 
sometimes. There are not as many consecutive inputs from a user that can really 
get messed up on a USB 2.0 drives, but when I get home from work today I can 
try that and see if the file transfer stays intact. I will also bring home a 
few other keyboards and test them too. 

Regarding the logs:

After the keyboard stops working or receiving power (it seems) I manually 
disconnect and reconnect it.

> On Sep 21, 2016, at 08:19, Ben <> wrote:
> Good afternoon everyone,
> My coolermaster Quickfire Rapid keyboard (ID: 2516:0004) has been acting up 
> since I installed arch linux for the first time last week. System overview in 
> attachment.
> Bios is set for EHCI hand-off: Enabled; xHCI hand-off: Enabled (Originally 
> Diabled); xHCI: Auto (Tried smart auto and enabled; see Gigabyte specs for 
> expansion on info). On my EHCI ports the keyboard works without issue, so I'm 
> pointing towards the issue being in the xHCI driver.
> Conditions for reproduce: Seemingly random sometimes. Pressing keyboard 
> modifiers such as ALT, CTL. or SHIFT will set it off around 75% of the time. 
> 100% reproducable with this keyboard and chipset. Others have had this 
> problem too using a variety of DEs and WMs.
> Keylog in attachments for last recreation.
> Symptoms: Keyboard will cut out when conditions are met. Sometimes, the last 
> key pressed is then stuck as the input until the device is removed. 
> Reconnecting will:
>   Case 1: Work properly
>   Case 2: Cut out after a single letter
>   Case 3: Take the first input and repeat it indefinitely pending hard reset
> I added "echo -n 'module xhci_hcd =p' > 
> /sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control" as root and ran dmesg. Output is in 
> attachment.
> It seems as though the device disconnect and driver reinitialization are 
> successful, but the device reset and freeing device rings are not completing. 
> I could be wrong as I am still very new to kernel operation. I would 
> appreciate it if someone could take a look and assist with further debugging.
> Thanks,
> Ben
> <dmesg_xHCI.log>
> <inxi.txt>
> <keystroke_error_recreate.log>
> <lspci_vvvv.log>
> <usbOverview.log>
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