W dniu 20.09.2016 o 21:19, John Youn pisze:


Hi Sebastian, Andrzej,

If possible, could you share how you are using it? Such as in what
speed, mode, and with what controllers/platforms and hosts?

If you have any other tips on usage I would appreciate it.

I'm looking into getting it working with our dwc3 controller, maybe
also dwc2.


Hi John,

My concern was converting the function to use configfs,
this was the last one waiting for this kind of conversion,
the other ~19 had been already converted at that time.

With that aim in mind what I did was following function's
behaviour at the time of conversion, that is, achieve the
same state with the configfs-composed tcm gadget as with
the legacy tcm gadget. I am aware that this kind of information
is not of much use, but at least you know where you are.

As far as I remember I tested it on Odroid XU3, which uses dwc3.


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