On Thu, 22 Sep 2016, Ulf Hansson wrote:

> >> > > An observation I made, is when the sdmmc device gets runtime resumed
> >> > > (pm_runtime_get_sync()), the parent device (the usb device) may also
> >> > > become runtime resumed (unless it's already). In this sequence, but
> >> > > *only* when actually runtime resuming the usb device, the runtime PM
> >> > > core decides to update the last busy mark for the usb device. Should
> >> > > it really do that?
> >> >
> >> > Yes, that's deliberate.  The whole idea of autosuspend is to prevent
> >> > the device from being runtime-suspended too soon after it was used, and
> >> > the PM core considers runtime-resume to be a form of usage.
> >>
> >> I understand it's deliberate, but I was more question whether we
> >> actually should have the runtime PM core to behaves like this.
> >>
> >> I don't think its behaviour is consistent, as in such case all calls
> >> to __pm_runtime_resume() should trigger the runtime PM core to update
> >> the last busy mark.
> >
> > Not a bad idea...
> Yes, it is. :-)
> Although, I am still concerned about he inconsistent behaviour.
> >
> >> Don't get me wrong, I am *not* suggesting we should do that change, as
> >> it would mean the last busy mark would be updated way too often.
> >
> > The updates aren't very expensive.  Just one atomic write.  It probably
> > takes less time than acquiring the runtime-PM spinlock.
> >
> >> Instead, perhaps it's better to leave the responsibility of updating
> >> the last busy mark to the runtime PM users solely.
> >
> > Maybe, but I think doing it once in the core, like this, can remove the
> > need for a lot of function calls in drivers.
> Unfortunate not. Most updates of the last busy mark happens when a
> device is no longer required to be runtime resumed. As when a driver
> has completed to serve a request and is about to call pm_runtime_put()
> (or similar API).
> So, I still believe doing it in the runtime PM core is just a waste.
> I think it's better to leave the update to the users entirely, it
> would become consistent but also more flexible, as one could easily
> think of situations where you may in some cases want to update the
> last busy mark and in some other not.

You can try making this change if you want.  I'd be afraid of 

Alan Stern

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