yfw <nh26...@gmail.com> writes:
>> are you using mainline? If you are, capture dwc3 tracepoints. If you're
>> not, which kernel are you using?
> I am not using the latest kernel. Instead the code base is 3.18 + some usb
> patches backported because mainline doesn't support the platform I am using.

v3.18 is really, really old. There isn't much I can do to help
you. Also, claiming that my patch doesn't work wasn't very nice. There
might be a ton of other dependencies that were merged since v3.18.

You should really be asking for support from whoever gave you this v3.18
kernel. This forum can only help mainline. You're welcome to stick
around and try things on your own, but I'll only make sure that mainline
works and that's about it ;-)


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