On 29.12.2016 13:00, Felipe Balbi wrote:
Hi Mathias,

Here's a resend of my previous series. This time I've added a few more
patches which I have been working on and also cherry-pick three old
patches which have been pending since May this year.

Note, in particular, the work done for XHCI tracers which will help us a
lot on debugging sessions.

Note, also, that we're starting to save a lot of memory with XHCI after
these patches. Only allocating memory for slots which we support,
instead of default to static 256 entry arrays.

There's still a lot of work to be done, but I suppose this is a step in
the right direction.

I've been running these patches for several weeks now using SKL most of
the time. Tested with our tree of devices we have in the office. Mass
Storage, mouse, keyboard, cameras, all still working fine.

I'm working with this series. To get this forward and something to 4.11
I'll start picking the simpler and obvious patches.

For the tracing part I know that Baolu was/is looking at xhci tracing
rework as well, and it would be nice to get his input, well, ack or
comments to the tracing patches. There might be some xhci specific


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